Want to Personalize Your Landscape in Cheyenne, WY?

Depend on us to provide decorative stones & granite rock for your project

Keeping plants in your yard alive can be a trying process. If you don't have a green thumb, consider using decorative stones to redesign your yard. Mountain Stone Landscape Supply offers a diverse supply of unique rocks that will enhance your landscape in Cheyenne, WY. From firestones to granite rocks, we sell and deliver it all.

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Learn about our different rock options

You want to decorate the landscape of your home or office with rocks that are low-maintenance, beautiful and fade-resistant. You want river rock. This cost-effective solution is ideal for water features, flower beds, driveways, drains and walkways.

Wondering what your other options are? We also have a large selection of:

  • Firestones
  • Tan rocks
  • Black rocks
  • Butter rocks
  • Ballast rocks
  • Granite rocks
  • Multicolor rocks
  • Wyoming red rocks
  • Wyoming pink rocks
  • Gray limestone rocks
  • Colorado red rose rocks
  • Colorado Tri Color rocks

If you need decorative stones for your landscaping project in Cheyenne, WY, visit our store ASAP.

Wyoming Pink 1/2"
Wyoming Pink 1-1/2"
Wyoming Red 1/2"
Wyoming Red 1-1/2"
Wyoming Red 3/4"
Colorado Red Rose 1-1/2"
Colorado TriColor 1-1/2"
Butter Rock 1-1/2"
Butter Rock 3/4"
Grey Limestone 1-1/2"
Multicolor Rock 1-1/2"
Tan Rock 1-1/2"
Ballast Rock
Firestone 3" x 1"
Black Rock 1-1/2"
Black Rock 3/4"
Granite Rock 1/2"
Granite Rock 3/4"
Area #4 Granite Rock 1-3/4" x 1"